Egil Nordlien
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Egil Nordlien (born in 1949) is probably the most experienced automotive photographer in Norway. He has more than 25 years of practise, an archive with approximately 20.000 photos and has been working for the largest publishing houses in the country, both as a reportage and advertising photographer.

Today Egil works for Hjemmet-Mortensen AS, who is a publishing house with 54 weekly and monthly magazines. Here he basically works for Vi Menn (which is a weekly men’s magazine with 100.000 copies), Vi Menn Bil (car magazine – eight every year) and Vi Menn Båt (boat magazine – six every year). Besides that Egil is also involved in Auto, Motor og Sport (Norwegian version of the German car magazine) and Villmarksliv (a magazine about outdoor life).

He has also been involved in several book publications – the last one is the rally driver Petter Solberg’s authorized biography (“Petter Solberg – 110 %”), which was released in October 2004.

Egil is not only experienced as a photographer – he also has a broad background as a designer, working a lot with layout in several magazines. He likes to be present in all the aspects that deal with the creative process.

In any case – his heart first of all belongs to classic cars and motorsport, as well as to his wife Martha, his two daughters and grandchildren.

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